Powerful orc souls now travel between the realms!  These beings seek treasure, honour, pleasure, battle and You! Be wary friend, for only the bravest can host the spirits of these great beings. 

Do you have what it takes to unleash the monster inside?

  • Ruckgar

    This feisty little orcling was born in the fighting pits of Darkhawk.... 

  • Grunk

    Known for his abilities to travel the multiverse; Grunk is a powerful... 

  • Hrar

    Hrar hails from the coastal realm of Oko where he presides over... 

  • Durgur

    Durgur is an orc who use’s computer paint to make swag, muscles... 

  • Thwak

    Thwak is feared far and wide for his sharp tongue and even... 

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