Grunk Chompers - Stubby Orc Tusks

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These are our short and stubby sized model tusks. For size compairison here our model Grunk is five foot four. 

Known for his abilities to pull souls from other planes of existence; Grunk is a powerful and slightly mad alchemist. He lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where he runs his mystic forge and battles evil wherever it rears it's ugly head. He is also very very handsome.

Warnings (Read before you buy)
  • CAUTION!! Chompers are not toys. 
  • Novelty tusks are for temporary use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Chompers are for adults 18 and older.
  • Choking hazard! To prevent swallowing, DO NOT EAT, DRINK, BITE OR SLEEP with your Tusks on.
  • Contains small parts.
  • Do not use on any dental work or sensitive gums.
  • Never bite anyone/anything with your Tusks.
  • Never bite down on your Chompers, pressure can cause the resin to crack.
  • Foods/drinks may stain your tusks.
  • Do not use if tusks are chipped or cracked.
  • Discontinue use if you feel any jaw or mouth discomfort.
  • Chompers are not returnable for any reason.
  • Made by Orcs for puny humans, USE AT OWN RISK!
About Our Tusks

Located in a secret forge nestled in the snowy northern plains near the Rocky Mountains, Orc.Style's expert tusk smiths work tirelessly to infuse the spirits of great orcs into tusks that will transform the common human into a noble Orc!

Crafted with mouth safe dental resin, our smiths enchant the essence of each Orc into tusks that will immediately lower your IQ by 10 points and have you feeling the need for battle! Chompers are hand finished, so each tusk will have small minor imperfections that make it uniquely yours. We have five models each featuring a different size and style of tusk to better suit the human host. The tusk base is the same on all models so you are free to go as big or as small as you want. Collect them all or find the Chompers that are perfect just for you!


  • Infinitely Re-moldable: While Chompers are made out of dental resin, they come pre-formed with an Instamorph thermoplastic root that can be shaped, trimmed and adjusted as many times as you need.
  • Easy to fit: Simply place in boiling water, wait for the root to turn clear and then you are ready to begin your transformation.
  • Marked Left & Right Sides: So you always know which is which (Sometimes its easy to get confused when your an Orc).
  • Ergonomic Design: Each model of Chompers has been tested and designed for maximum mouth comfort and secure fit.
  • Lighter Clip Style: Chompers take up less space in your mouth making them more comfortable for longer. (We recommend frequent breaks when wearing your Chompers).
  • Non-Toxic Resin & Safe for Teeth & Gums: We only use materials already in use by the dental industry. See our ingredients list for more information.
  • Easy on Your Mouth: We include a soft root pad on the top of each tusk to protect your upper teeth from wear. The tusks are curved so you don’t pinch your lips on them. 

Bonus Features

  • Soul Gem Carrying Case and Bag.
  • Exclusive Trading Card featuring your Chomper's model Orc featuring their background and stats.
  • Additional Chomper Tusk Root Material. All mouths are different and some may require additional root material to create a secure fit.



  • Will chompers fit? We can not guarantee that they will fit every single mouth variation. They have been tested on many different humans over the last 2 years and the design has evolved to accommodate the majority of adult people. We include extra root material to assist in fitting different sized teeth and jaws.
  • Can I use Chompers over my dental work? We do not recommend using Chompers over top of any dental work or orthodontic devices or dentures.
  • Can I eat and drink with my Chompers?  No, due to choking risk we do not recommend biting or drinking anything while wearing your Chompers. 
  • Can I sleep in my Chompers? No, due to choking risk we do not recommend sleeping in your Chompers.
  • How do I clean my Chompers? Just like regular teeth! 
  • Can I polish or alter my Chompers? Customization is possible but you do so at your own risk.
  • My tusk has a crack in it. What should I do? Immediately stop using your chompers.
  • How long will they last? The dental resin used is designed for continuous mouth wear of 12 months. As these are for temporary use they should last you many years. 
  • It doesn't fit what should I do? Reform the tusk root and add some root material and follow the fitting instructions.

Contact Us if You have any questions about your tusks not answered here!

Fitting Instructions

Fitting Instructions

  1. You need: a mug, a fork, a towel a mirror and some water in a cauldron or kettle
  2. Boil water and pour into a mug
  3. Place ONE tusk into the mug and wait for the root to turn fully clear
  4. Remove tusk using a fork and dry it off. Wait a few seconds and let it cool, just like your orcsona its hot!
  5. Place the tusk over or near your lower canine (look for L and R on the part that faces into the mouth to make sure you have the correct side)
  6. Make sure your tooth is in tor near the depression on the bottom of the tusk root
  7. Press the tusk root down on the tooth while pushing it towards the back of your mouth
  8. Relax your jaw and gently close your mouth pressing your upper tooth into the root pad on the top of the tusk (DO NOT BITE DOWN)
  9. Use your fingers to flatten any extruded root material front and then open your mouth and do the same in the back (try not to wiggle the tusk)
  10. Close your mouth and create suction for 2 minutes
  11. Repeat with other tusk
  12. Remember NEVER eat, drink, bite or sleep while wearing your Chompers

TIP: Hold Chompers under warm water before each use to slightly soften the root material.




    • If you have a loose fit: place the tusk back in the boiling water, reform the root with your fingers and follow the fitting instructions again. You may need a few additional beads of tusk root material (included in the small jar) for a tight lock. 
    • You feel a rough/sharp spot on your gums:
      • Rough Spot: Usually this is caused by the resin portion of the tusks touching your gums. Re-heat your root until the problem area turns clear and add some additional root material beads to cover any exposed resin sections.
      • Sharp edge: Usually this is caused by hardened root material. To soften place under hot water until the area turns clear and use your thumb nail to press away the sharp edge.
    Shipping Information

    Tusk’s and Toys will generally ship the next business day barring national holidays. 

    We use Print On Demand services for all of our apparel (not including tusks, and toys). When orders contain apparel/accessories and a toy/tusks there will be two separate shipping charges as both sets of items are coming from different facilities. Please review our shipping policies for fulfillment information.

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