About Chompers Tusks

Located in a secret forge nestled in the snowy northern plains near the Rocky Mountains, Orc.Style's expert tusk smiths work tirelessly to infuse the spirits of great orcs into tusks that will transform the common human into a noble Orc!

Crafted with mouth safe dental resin, our smiths enchant the essence of each Orc into tusks that will immediately lower your IQ by 10 points and have you feeling the need for battle! Chompers are hand finished, so each tusk will have small minor imperfections that make it uniquely yours. We have five models each featuring a different size and style of tusk to better suit the human host. The tusk base is the same on all models so you are free to go as big or as small as you want. Collect them all or find the Chompers that are perfect just for you!