Chompers Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will chompers fit? We can not guarantee that they will fit every single mouth variation. They have been tested on many different humans over the last 2 years and the design has evolved to accommodate the majority of adult people. We include extra root material to assist in fitting different sized teeth and jaws.
  • Can I use Chompers over my dental work? We do not recommend using Chompers over top of any dental work or orthodontic devices or dentures.
  • Can I eat and drink with my Chompers?  No, due to choking risk we do not recommend biting or drinking anything while wearing your Chompers. 
  • Can I sleep in my Chompers? No, due to choking risk we do not recommend sleeping in your Chompers.
  • How do I clean my Chompers? Just like regular teeth! 
  • Can I polish or alter my Chompers? Customization is possible but you do so at your own risk.
  • My tusk has a crack in it. What should I do? Immediately stop using your chompers.
  • How long will they last? The dental resin used is designed for continuous mouth wear of 12 months. As these are for temporary use they should last you many years. 
  • It doesn't fit what should I do? Reform the tusk root and add some root material and follow the fitting instructions.

Contact Us if You have any questions about your tusks not answered here!