Tusk Features

  • Infinitely Re-moldable: While Chompers are made out of dental resin, they come pre-formed with an Instamorph thermoplastic root that can be shaped, trimmed and adjusted as many times as you need.
  • Easy to fit: Simply place in boiling water, wait for the root to turn clear and then you are ready to begin your transformation.
  • Marked Left & Right Sides: So you always know which is which (Sometimes its easy to get confused when your an Orc).
  • Ergonomic Design: Each model of Chompers has been tested and designed for maximum mouth comfort and secure fit.
  • Lighter Clip Style: Chompers take up less space in your mouth making them more comfortable for longer. (We recommend frequent breaks when wearing your Chompers).
  • Non-Toxic Resin & Safe for Teeth & Gums: We only use materials already in use by the dental industry. See our ingredients list for more information.
  • Easy on Your Mouth: We include a soft root pad on the top of each tusk to protect your upper teeth from wear. The tusks are curved so you don’t pinch your lips on them. 

Bonus Features

  • Soul Gem Carrying Case and Bag.
  • Exclusive Trading Card featuring your Chomper's model Orc featuring their background and stats.
  • Additional Chomper Tusk Root Material. All mouths are different and some may require additional root material to create a secure fit.