Adult Toy FAQs

What are your toys made of?

A: Our ingredient list is here.

Do you do custom toys?

A: Not currently, though we hope to be opening up that service soon.

How big should I go?

A: We always suggest you play within your own comfort zone and start smaller than you expect. This is especially true for a firmer toy with significant texture like the Grunk.

How should I take care of my toy?


  1. Store and play with your toy separately from others. Don’t let your toy touch other toys and store upright if possible. Other toys made of lower quality materials may break down and damage your toy.
  2. Don’t allow your toy to come into contact with sharp/rough surfaces.
  3. Don’t use silicone lubricants. They will break down and damage your toy. If your toy encounters silicone lubricant, be sure to wash it immediately.


  1. Wash and dry your toy before and after each use with a cleaner designed for adult toys. Your toy can be boiled and washed in the dishwasher.

  2. Use Water Based or Oil Based lubes. Please note the use and care instructions for each lubricant you use before applying.

  3. Use lots of lubricant and take your time. Orcs are a lot to handle

You say each toy will have imperfections what do you mean?

A: Orc.Style is all about embracing our own flaws and loving them as much as you can. You may see:

Standard Toys

  • Birth marks: Small deep deposits of pigment surrounded by silicone
  • Molding process variations
  • Trim marks along the base
  • Scars that have been included in the sculpt to provide texture/character


  • Significant issues like minor tears or bubbles or significant birth marks will be included and documented in our battle-scarred inventory. We will never sell a toy that is dangerous or damaged in a way that would effect safe operation.  

Can I return my toy?

A: Please refer to our refund policy for full information. TLDR: No we don’t accept returns. But if don’t love your Orc please let us know why and we will try our best to address the issue. 

What kind of warranty do I get?

Our full warranty and TOS is here: TLDR none! But if don’t love your Orc please let us know why and we will try our best to address the issue.