Summer Pride Update!

Summer Pride Update!

Grunk has lots of great news to share! After a long break due to medical issues Grunk has decided to take the plunge and be a full time Orc! This means that all the projects Grunk has been unable to work on the last two years are back up and running and you will be getting regular monthly updates on progress from our newsletter!


Did you know that Orc.Style is 100% queer owned and operated? We celebrate the diversity in our 2SLGBTQ community with great pride!  We believe that pride is something we need 365 days a year and so our pride collection is available year round and is updated every May with new looks, new products and new Orc Pride facts!


Grunk and Durgur have been working hard and getting a lot of feedback on prototypes and instructions for the tusks. We expect to have some exciting announcements soon about a limited run of prototypes that will be available on the shop. If you have sent us an email about the tusks don't worry we got it and have added you to the notification list!


We have taken our toy page offline while we re-work the production line of the Grunk toy and prepare for releasing Thwak The Ridgeback this summer!  


Grunk try to keep pricing low but we have been informed that some of our products prices will be going up in July so if you were looking at a shirt or a hoodie act now before we have to raise the price to cover the increased base cost.

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