First Birthday Orctoberfest Update

First Birthday Orctoberfest Update

Orctoberfest Update

Grunk started this site a year ago with the goal to make fun, nerdy, sexy, orc stuff for his friends. He never thought this hobby/art project would take off the way it has and still be around a year later. Everyone in the Orc.Style family would like to thank you for supporting us with a 15% off sale on all items with any purchase of $40.00 or more. Check out our new Leaving Soon section and grab these designs before they go into the vault. 

Where has Grunk been you ask?  With all the crazy things going on in the world Grunk decided to take the summer off and work on his finger painting and sculpting skills. Grunk and his mate Grogg also found a ferocious dire wolf puppy named Appa. Turns out dire wolves are a lot of work!

Grunk and the team have big plans this month so keep checking in with us every week during Orctober. Our team will be posting new designs/products and kicking off some contests/raffles on our twitter.


Grunk knows you are all very ready to get tusky with your own set of tusks. Sadly we are far behind our original plan to have these ready to go for you by Orctober.  Our goals for these tusks have always been:

  • Mouth Safe (meaning no polymorph or other unverified non-body safe materials)
  • Comfortable (easy on the gums and jaw)
  • Functional (Grunk wants you to be able to kiss, drink and be merry in your tusks)
  • Easy to fit and form to your mouth

We set the bar high for the tusks and COVID-19 has introduced delays at every stage from sourcing dental grade materials for prototyping, to manufacturing. Don't fear! Grunk loves playing on Hard Mode and we are making significant progress!! 

Where We Are At

Thanks to the help of the amazing and talented Durgur we have sculpts done for a number of different tusk sizes and designs.

  • We have produced 25+ prototypes with various materials and mounting methods
  • We have narrowed down the mounting designs to a few possible options
  • We have found a reliable source of dental grade materials for prototyping
  • We have identified a manufacturer who can produce the tusks

Still To Do 

  • Finalize prototypes
  • Product testing 
  • Finalize box design and setup documentation


We hope to have a closed beta for our first two designs completed by the end of Orctober with a limited public beta coming in November.  Our goal is to make it so the first sales will be shipping by December in time for the holiday season.

Get Grunked!

While Grunk was waiting for 3d printers and dental materials for the tusks he started working on a new biiiiiiiiig, girthy, veiny project.  If you follow us on Twitter you may just be one of the lucky orcs who finds out what its like to get grunked first hand. 

Get in touch with Grunk here:

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